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working with administrative data

SEP2023: We will shortly be moving the CENTRIC training course and its contents and will update you as this happens. For now, continue to sign-up and we will communicate with plenty of notice when the training course is moved.


Our overall aim was to develop training for UK researchers to enhance their understanding of public perspectives and governance requirements and improve their practice when working with administrative data.
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CENTRIC administrative data online training is now live!  Information on how to enrol can be found here.



Online Training Modules


Introduction to Administrative Data

Highlights the potential of using administrative data as an efficient research method

Key Regulatory Considerations

Introduces researchers to core regulatory considerations when using administrative data


Administrative Data in the Study Lifecycle

Provides a comprehensive map of applicable topics when accessing administrative data

The Application and Approvals

Introduces the process of applying for data from key UK data providers


Safeguarding Public Data - Models of Data Access and Identifiability

An overview of some current models of processing administrative data in the UK

Working with the Public

Explores with researchers' public perspectives when researchers use administrative data 


What is administrative data?

We use administrative and routine data interchangeably (although throughout the training we use the former for consistency). Administrative data are information collected primarily for administrative (not research) purposes when providing public services. These data are collected by hospitals, schools, police, government departments (plus many more!) for the purposes of registration, transaction and record keeping to enable the delivery of that service.

Accessing and analysing such data can help answer important questions, for example, about the efficient provision of services, improvements in care, and the impact of policies on patient outcomes.

Watch the below animation on "What is Routine Data?" to find out more!




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